Location: On the bank of Day River belonging to Danh Xa Hamlet, Ngoc Son Commune, Kim Bang District, Ha Nam Province, about 10km to the north-west of Phu Ly City.
Characteristics: Ba Danh Pagoda preserves the ancient architecture with many unique patterns carved meticulously and exquisitely.

◊ Formation History

(TITC) – Initially, Ba Danh Pagoda (or Bao Son Pagoda) was built by bamboo to worship a Goddess who deserved credit for ensuring favourable weather and abundant crop for this region. In the reign of King Le Hy Tong (1675-1705), the pagoda was renovated and embellished. During the resistance war against French Colonial, Ba Danh Pagoda was the gathering place of force, food, weapons for the struggle of local army and people.

◊ Architecture

The current  architectural works of the pagoda were built in the 19th century and includes front shrine, middle shrine, sanctum, Holy Mother’s palace, ancestors’ house, etc. Of which, the front shrine with 3 compartments and 2 lean-toes has tiled roof with the shape of two dragons flanking moon at the rooftop. The trusses of the front shrine are finely carved with patterns of four sacred animals (dragon, unicorn, turtle, and phoenix), four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), etc.

The sanctum worships the statues of Amida Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, Jade Emperor, Daode Tianzun. The Holy Mother’s palace is dedicated to four saints of Cloud, Rain, Thunder, Lightning and Lady Danh. Of which, Lady Danh’s statue is sculptured in the posture of meditation on the black throne with indulgent face.

In the campus of the pagoda, there many trees as areca-nut, pomelo, ylang ylang, etc and many bonsai trees harmoniously arranged to create the restful space.

Located about 100m to the north of Ba Danh Pagoda, Ngoc Mountain has the hundred-year-old ficus tree. Standing from the peak of the mountain, visitors can admire the charming natural scenery of river and mountain.

Ba Danh Pagoda – Ngoc Mountain has been recognized as national cultural – historical relic since 1994.

◊ How To Get There

From Ha Noi, going along National Road 1 or Phap Van Highway about 60km to Phu Ly City, then turning right through Hong Phu Bridge on National Road 21 about 10km, visitors will see Cam Son Suspension Bridge. Passing Cam Son Bridge and going more a stretch, visitors will arrive in Ba Danh Pagoda. The two sides of the path to the pagoda are lush ancient trees.