(HBO) – In recent years, many people having the same hobby of fishing often invite each other to set up a fishing group and hire a boat for fishing on the lake of Hoa Binh. Especially on Saturdays and Sundays, there aren’t any small boats in the wharves. It not only satisfies the passion for fishing, but this is also the way many people have chosen to go out and relax after a hardworking week.

As a fishing enthusiast, Mr. Trinh Dinh Can, in Zone 1, Cao Phong town (Cao Phong) often goes fishing on the lake of Hoa Binh. Mr. Can says: There are several groups specializing in fishing in Cao Phong district. There are about 10 people in my group. We often have a date to go fishing on beautiful days. We rent boats regularly from a fisherman in Thau hamlet, Thai Thinh commune (Hoa Binh City). 
Before leaving, everyone prepares everything and food to fish for a day. It is necessary to buy enough everything from the hand fishing rods, machine fishing rods to the rackets and fishing targets to fish on the lake. When encountering the large fish, there is the support equipment to bring the fish ashore. Once, a person who caught a fish larger than 10 kg had to ask another person to put it up. I have gone fishing in many places from service fishing lakes, fishing in the streams, in the ponds and so on, but I like fishing on the lake most. Because the fish in the lake is clean, delicious and I can catch big and precious fish.
The lake within Da river is wide and deep. At the bottom of the lake there are many caves and rock niches, which are inhabited by many species of sinking fish. Fishing on the lake always challenges the fishers to hunt big and rare fish. In ponds, rivers and streams, it is difficult to find the wild fish of 5 kg or more, but if someone is lucky enough, they can fish on the lake of Da river. 
A lot of people have caught the oreochromis niloticus with the weight of more than 3 kilos, the cranoglanis with the weight of more than 6 kilos, the Bagridae with the weight of  7 – 8 kilos … Those who go fishing on the lake of Da river say when they catch large fish, it often creates the excitement to continue exploring. In addition to satisfying passion, every time I go fishing on the quiet lake, I find my heart always calm and relieve the pressure in life.

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