Location: Binh Son Tower is located in Binh Son Village, Song Lo District, Vinh Phuc Province, and 150km from Ha Noi.
Characteristics: Binh Son Tower is a unique architectural, which erected during the Ly-Tran period that has been conserved in its original design.

This 16m tower has 11 floors, each with a curved roof. The tower is empty on the inside and located on a square platform.

The tower was built with solid red bricks and its foundations were built with Vo bricks. The surface of the fine Vo bricks is dark and has flower imprints. These features create a harmonious building style, suitable to different architectural trends.

The tower was restored in 1972 after a landslide caused the tower to sink to one side. Although the tower’s foundations were raised 4m higher than they were before the landslide, all the architectural attributes of the tower were kept intact.