Originates from Princess Ngoc Kinh who gathered troops to drill and forging weapons under Hai Ba Trung time. She was a female bonze practicing in Phu Lien pagoda and taught people four professions. Every year, in January 8th (lunar day), Dong Tinh people (Tam Duong District) carries the festival of Buddha casting.

The game is quite noisy in the pagoda ground, the scene of copper melting (Ngoc Kinh casted a statue at her time) so people often say: Festival of Buddha casting. At the same time, they perform profession presentation: Intellectual-Farmer-Trader-Co in the outer circle, while in the inter circle Buddha casting. At the end of the festival, it is a game of Buddha mat dragging, a symbol of giving a son birth.

In addition, there are games as wrestle, cock fighting etc…Hundreds of people act many characters, very fast, steady with many actions but not puzzled and disorder. This manifests that in the old time, the people here had a high knowledge of event organization and imagination.   

Source: Vinhphuc Portal

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