Doan Hung pomelo is a famous pomelo variety not only in Phu Tho but also known in many other places.

This is a perennial plant, the fruit is spherical, flattened, with an average weight of about 1kg, bright yellow when ripe, thin pulp, dry, succulent, sweet taste, and characteristic aroma when eaten.

Doan Hung pomelo has the two most delicious pomelo varieties, which are Bang Luan pomelo and Suu Chi Dam pomelo. Bang Luan pomelo has large, yellow-green skin, while Suu Chi Dam pomelo has medium round fruit, yellow skin, and slightly wrinkled skin.

Grapefruit variety in Phu Tho is special in that it can be stored for a long time, can be preserved from a few months to half a year, and still has a sweet aroma, when eaten, it still has a sweet taste, melting in the tongue.