Located in a small area in Ha Long Bay, Cua Van fishing village is surrounded by towering rocky mountains.

Cua Van fishing village is a place that preserves the traditional cultural values of Ha Long fishermen. It is a part of the artificial masterpieces amid natural wonders, and has become an attractive spot for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Visiting Cua Van fishing village, visitors are not only able to be immersed themselves in the peaceful space and admire the charming natural scenery, but also can enjoy Giao duyen folk songs or try themselves what the locals often do in their daily life.

Tourists are interested in traditional livelihoods of the locals, such as making nets, fishing hooks, or making
They are able to do those works themselves after being instructed by the local people.
A foreign child enjoyed the traditional daily-life work of Ha Long fishermen.
One of the unique features of the fishing village’s culture is being preserved and restored.
Visitors can also learn about the history of fishing villages and traditional cultural spaces of the ancient Ha Long people displaying at the Floating Cultural Center.
Visiting the village by boat. 
or kayaking to sightseeing around the area… are exciting experiences for them.
Coming to Cua Van fishing village, visitors can also enjoy the romantic folk love songs under the HaLong sky.
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