This Temple is to worship the famous general of our nation, who fought against the Ming enemy under Ho dynasty. He was caught by the enemy, and then he attempted suicide at the seaport. During his lifetime, he was a confusion scholar, helped the poor people with cultivated land and brought people to Xuan Thuy (Nam Dinh province) to reclaim the virgin soil. He lived equally, humbly, respectful to his ancestor and the people of Phuc Thang village. People oof the four hamlets of Phuc Thang and Tan Ap (Xuan Thuy) built a temple to worship him and the above-said people often visit to each other and assist to fight against the enemy or natural calamity etc…To commemorate him, people of four hamlets of Phuc Thang created a form of quite special festival, i.e Night procession, precise and imposing with an attractive scenario that no where has.

Recently, the festival was restored to meet the requirement of Phuc Thang people. The festival was organized in February 10 (lunar day) with magnanimous and solemn atmosphere but it still maintains the old rituals. The festival includes many games, such as wrestling, swinging, cock fighting and popular opera etc…It is very moved when people from Tan Ap also come back to their native land to participate the festival. This is a immaterial cultural heritage, quite precious to Phuc Yen people.

Source: Vinhphuc Portal

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