Night market is always a great place to go to after sunset because you not only can see how differently noisy and lively a city can be at night, but can walk and get yourself some souvenirs looking sparkling and beautiful. The market is located on attractive Bai Chay beach with hundreds of stalls in order, each of which is full of items widely ranged from ordinary to top-notch. You will be appealed by clamshell key chains, “I love Halong” T-shirts with Halong and “The Kissing Cocks of Halong Bay” magnets. What’s more, jewelry, handicrafts, bags and seafood are nice options before you head out for food stall and enjoy your supper. Coming here, you can dig into a variety of Halong specialty which becomes incredibly unforgettable in your trip.

Address: Halong Marine Boulevard, Hung Thang ward, Halong (near Bai Chay Beach)

Opening hours: 6 p.m – 11 p.m every day