Khe Ro primitive forest is a wonderful destination that tourists should not miss if visiting Western Yen Tu natural reserve. It is a famous tourist destination in Bac Giang. A travel tour to Khe Ro primitive forest will bring people close to the wildlife to get leisure, fresh feelings and truly, pure senses about nature.

Located in Western Yen Tu natural reserve, about 150km northeast far from Hanoi, Khe Ro primitive forest belongs to An Lac commune, Son Dong district, being a typical primitive forest of Vietnam Northeast region. The forest covers 7,153ha of land including 5,092ha natural forest with a diverse ecosystem.

Khe Ro forest situated between two streams Nuoc Vang and Khe Din; in the middle of the forest, there flows Khe Ro stream, that’s why the forest is named Khe Ro. The forest’s height increases steadily from Northeast to Southwest; the difference is 600-700m. It is adjacent to Ba Che district, Quang Ninh province in the south and southeast; to Dinh Lap district, Lang Son province in the east and northeast.

Khe Ro primitive forest is the living place of 786 types of vegetation including many rare and specious ones such as: pomu, thong tre, incense, ironwood , thong lang, Amomum, ba tich, etc…; 226 animal species belonging to 81 ordos, 24 familias , including the ones listed in red data book: Tibetan bear, chamois, Malayan bear, leopard, golden turtle, pangolin … It is a forbidden primitive forest that maintains its wildness, being suitable for visitors who are interested in adventure and discovering wild na The landscape of Khe Ro is very wild and fascinating with bushy canopies, springs, falls, rocky rapids, especially pure blue lakes inside the forest where people can freely swim and take a bath.

The majority of local residents belong to the Tay ethnic group; others are the Dao, Chinese and Kinh people. Every day, they go to the forest gathering herbal medicine in the morning, in the afternoon they wash clothes and take a bath near the springs. Their life is simple and goes peacefully.