Khuon Than lake in Bac Giang is a good place to see, which is 40km from Bac Giang town and in Luc Ngan district.

At the heart of this tourist site is Khuon Than Lake, which is surrounded by pine trees and mountains, with air that is fresh all year round. The 800ha Khuon Than Forest includes 300ha of natural forest, and 400ha of plantation forest and meadow. And there are also large orchards. At the site there’s also the Tu Ma temple, built to honour a Tran Dynasty general, and the State has designated this to be a cultural relic. Visitors to the Khuon Than tourist site can also learn about the distinctive customs of the San Chi, Cao Lan, Nung and Tay ethnic minority people that are living there.

Visitors to the Khuon Than tourist site may want to camp out and also take a boat around the Khuon Than Lake to contemplate its natural beauty. They can also eat local honey, gecko wine, chestnuts, litchi, and participate in the traditional cultural activities of the inhabitants here.

The 7,153ha Khe Ro primaeval forest is located in An Lac commune, Son Dong district and in it are 5,092ha of natural forest. It is an ancient primaeval forest typical of that which once existed across the entire northeastern part of Vietnam. The forest is located at the confluence of two streams, the Khe Ro and the Khe Din. The northern and western parts of the Khe Ro forest are in An Lac commune, Bac Giang province, the eastern and northeastern parts border Dinh Lap district of Lang Son province, and the southern and southeastern parts border Ba Che district of Quang Ninh province.