A hill that is home to several tea farms in the northern province of Phu Quoc will turn into a magnet for tourists whenever winter comes, as low temperatures allow a blanket of fog to settle around the green-covered hillocks there.

Long Coc, some 112 kilometers from Hanoi, consists of numerous smaller hills that are covered with tea farms. The area is therefore considered to be one of Vietnam’s most beautiful tea hills.

On both sides of the curvy road in the middle of the mountainous area, tea plantations lead one all the way to the horizon and covering the road in shadows.The hillocks at Long Coc are also known as ‘tea islands,” which, despite their separated locations, form breathtaking scenery. The ‘tea islands’ are usually compared to islands on Ha Long Bay, the most famous natural wonder of Vietnam.

The most beautiful photos of the hills are taken before the sun rises. During this time, there are patches of fog moving slowly around the hills with the clouds lying closer to the top of the hill mysteriously covering parts of the area. During weekends, many youngsters choose Long Coc as their get-together spot to take romantic photos with partners and friends, as well as shoot their pre-wedding photo albums.

On top of being a selfie hotspot, Long Coc also emerges as a place for relaxation, where people can escape the hustle of the city life to enjoy the peacefulness on the hills.Tea farming is an important sector of Phu Tho and the main source of income for many locals. Each tea farm on the hills at Long Coc has an area of around one hectare.

Gathering tea plants is not an easy task. Each tea leaf needs to be collected separately, and farmers should make sure they start the harvest when the tea buds have just started showing to avoid caterpillars.

 At Long Coc, farmers can be spotted strolling in between the tea bushes with baskets on their backs and non la, or the Vietnamese conical hats, on their heads to shelter them from the sun.
 The mountains in Phu Tho are also a home to Muong ethnic minority group, whose different culture and customs attract the interest of many tourists.

Visitors to Phu Tho can explore Long Coc tea farm hills and the local Xuan Son National Park, as well as getting to know the life and culture of the Muong people through a homestay service. The homestay service includes a special activity, where both visitors and native Muong performers introduce their culture through various performances by a camping fire at night

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