It is organized on two days: May 25 and 26 (Lunar day) on Lo River. It also shows the sporting spirit of our people under Hung King dynasty 1500 years back. This was a glorious spirit of the first King named Li Bi. He chose Dien Triet Lake to erect the water camp which makes Tu Yen people proud of such mighty historic page. Tu Yen people created a special form to record the majestic King.

The festival participants are as rolled into the jubilant atmosphere of laughter and singing with the spirit full of victory and talented of the old youth. The boat decorated by Phoenix head, dragon head and shrimp tail speeding along as the arrows used by Ly King to fight against the enemy.

From 2010, rowing festival was restored after 60 years, which make Tu Yen and Vinh Phuc people happy. Together with Dien Triet Lake, Son Dong-Trieu De tourist zone develop shall attract tourists from far and near coming to enjoy the festival (spirit, ecological and professional village tourism)…

Source: Vinhphuc Portal

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