The specialty of Nam Dinh in the memory of many people is sometimes the sweet, crispy, and greasy taste of the pellets Siu Chau peanut candy. Only from peanuts and sesame seeds, through the skillful hands of the people of the South, a rich but pure hometown gift has been created. Si Chau sweets are especially popular every Tet to spring. Eat a piece of Siu Chau candy that is crispy, fragrant and sweet without sticking to your teeth. Enjoying candy with a cup of hot tea in the chilly air and spring rain is delicious. Siu Chau candy is similar to peanut candy but has a better taste.

Ingredients Siu Chau candy very rustic and easy to find including peanuts, sesame, sugar, malt. Roasted sesame and peanuts will be peeled and washed thoroughly. Cook sugar with malt on a high heat, when the sugar mixture boils, add peanuts and sesame and stir well so that everything is mixed. Pour the hot candy mixture on a tray with glutinous flour to prevent sticking and roll it thin, cut into small pieces to fit your mouth. To cook sweets, workers need to have delicate hands, know how to adjust the temperature of the kitchen and measure the flavors.

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