Tay Thien Festival takes place in the 3 months of the Spring, the main Festival is on the 15th of February of the Lunar New Year each year, held at Tay Thien Monument, Dai Dinh commune, Tam Dao district. This is the biggest festival of Vinh Phuc. The festival has two main parts: the ceremony and the festival, the ceremony includes three parts. The festival has folk games, the local residents’ performances, the folk songs of Kinh and San Diu ethnic groups who are living in Tam Dao. Tay Thien Festival is an important part of the social life, meeting cultural needs, beliefs of the people, to commemorate the merits and pay homage to the National Mother Tay Thien. Thereby expressing the national tradition and attracting a large number of visitors.

Source: Vinhphuc Portal

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