Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Resort is a 1km2 area, located to the west of the Da River.

Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Resort is a 1km2 area, located to the west of the Da River. It belongs to Thanh Thuy district in Phu Pho Province. Only 65km away from Hanoi, it is an extremely rare and valuable source of hot spring in northern Vietnam. The water there is taken from the wells that are about 30m – 60m deep. In the swimming pools and the sauna bathtub, cold water must be added in order to cool off the hot water. Thus, they usually say that cold water in Thanh Thuy is much more valuable than the so-called hot spring water. Interestingly, the water from hot spring there can help heal many arthritis and skin diseases.

This 20’000’000 m3 source of hot spring was discovered about 25 years ago but the potentialities are yet to be explored fully. As a result, in the last few years, the local government has reallocated a large portion of its budget to encourage the development of tourism in Thanh Thuy.

After many researches, scientists showed that Thanh Thuy hot spring water has an average temperature of 37oC – 43oC (the highest temperature ever recorded was 53oC). It includes many minerals such as sodium, calcium, etc. and especially radon, a beneficial and special mineral used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. Radon not only cures a lot of skin diseases but it also enhances the flow of the blood inside the body; it is extremely good for the heart and the skin. Especially, if you have some painful joints or tired muscles, soaking yourself in this type of water for 30 minutes/ day in addition to massages will greatly reduce and then kill your pain.  

After enjoying the wonderful hot spring water, visitors can savor many specialities of Thanh Thuy such as Stone Mountain Goat, Da River Fish, Thuong Chicken, etc. among which Da River Fish is the most famous cuisine. This is the type of fishes caught from Da River which produces a typical flavor when cooked: fragrant, sweet, but not buttery. The second-best choice is Thuong Chicken which is raised on the high mountains in Phu Tho. 

Useful Information

  • Location: Thanh Thuy Hot Spring Resort
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: All Day
  • Distance to city center: 24.5km (15.2 mi)
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