Thung Khe pass is a very interesting tourist attraction in Hoa Binh. Thung Khe Pass is an impressive mountain pass in Mai Chau. You drive over this pass when you go to Mai Chau from Hanoi and head towards Moc Chau. Many people who drive over this pass don’t know the name. This pass may not be as majestic as Tram Ton Pass in Sapa and not as steep as Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang province, but it is a very special ride.

Thung Khe Pass is beautiful, but also very dangerous due to steep cliffs, rocks on the slopes and the many curves. It is also called White Rock Pass, because limestone slid down when the mountain pass was constructed, so that one part of the mountain pass is now completely white.

The part that is completely white is also close to the top of the mountain pass. You will find here a number of small restaurants and shops, with thatched roofs, a few tables, chairs and hot teapots ready for the guests who stop. These shops are close to the abyss and are also called the Thung Khe market. Buses from Hanoi often stop here for something to eat and enjoy the view. It can be very chilly and when you are unlucky you are in the clouds so you don’t have a view. At the “market” you can buy food and things that come directly from the area.

The Thung Khe Pass flagpole, also called the Mai Chau Flagpole or Mai Chau viewpoint, is probably the highlight of the entire mountain pass. From here you have a great view over the Mai Chau valley, which you probably already saw on photos when you googled for Mai Chau. You can rest here and enjoy the stunning view over the valley.

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