Discover and learn about the cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic groups! Immerse yourself in the gorgeous scenery, see the villages, and view the cultural architectural works to learn about the lives and culture of the ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Visitors are present in the Village, Tour guide welcomes the delegation to start the journey.

Visitors come to the cultural space of the Northeast and Northwest and stop at the Tay ethnic village to meet people and listen to the smooth, deep, and soft Then melody.

Come to the Tay Nguyen cultural zone, stop at the Ba Na ethnic hamlet, learn about Rong home architecture, listen to the T’rung lute’s bamboo tunes beside the stream, attend a gong concert, and join the busy sinus dance beat with the locals.

Visitors may walk through the Ede ethnic village, observe the breath from the late People’s Artist Y Moan’s collection of ethnic cultural objects – the Tay Nguyen Highlands’ bird wings – and exchange and listen to the lyrics and songs of Ede boys and girls.

Delegation to the cultural space of the South, stop at the complex of Khmer pagodas, the only Theravada Buddhist temple in Hanoi. Visitors offered incense to the Buddha and prayed for peace.

Visit Phum Soc – Khmer village, talk with relatives and be immersed in folk dances, and royal dances with artisans such as coconut shell dance, chu chai, drum dance, and lam vong dance.

Visitors admire the complex of Cham towers, built in a 1:1 ratio of Pokronggarai tower in the heart of the Hanoi capital. The tour guide introduces the tower construction process, architecture, beliefs, and activities that have taken place at the tower complex in recent years and take photos.

Visitors stop at the Thai ethnic village to enjoy ethnic cuisine, and five-color sticky rice and join the circle of ethnic solidarity; feel more of the rustic, honest, gentle smiles of ethnic people on the journey to visit the Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnam.

End of tour program.


The attractions are subject to change according to the actual situation.

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