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In an effort to become a must-visit destination for domestic and foreign tourists who wish to discover and explore Vietnamese culture and tradition in Hanoi, Bao Son Paradise Park was created as a multifunctional leisure and entertainment location with cutting-edge technology, which has constituted the key business and iconic brand of Bao Son Group.

The Park entrance redecorated by every festival season 

Launched since 2008 with initial investment up to USD100 million and total area of 22 hectares, Bao Son Paradise Park is a component under the An Khanh new urban area construction and development project in Hoai Duc district, Hanoi. The urban area is anticipated to become a highlight of Northern Vietnam with standout architecture and harmonized concept, putting an emphasis on Vietnamese culture and satisfying international environmental and safety standards.

Located in a vast and airy space which is only 6 km away from the National Convention Center along Thang Long Boulevard, Bao Son Paradise Park is a unique recreational complex which represents monumental combination of economic and tourism aspects and seamless harmonization of traditional and modern vibes within a quintessential and convergent setting; the Park is an exceptional joint between traditional scene and culture & arts, technology, ecology, entertainment and cuisine.

 Bao Son Paradise Park – a laid-back recreational space for all ages

During the last two years, a number of facilities, such as Safari complex, Dream Land studio, Hobbit Restaurant and amusement rides, have been brought into life in Bao Son Paradise Park, meeting all guests’ recreational and cuisine expectations.

With its motto, “Improvement for development”, the best efforts have been made on training and enhancement of the team, upgrade of the services, and further investment to offer more rewarding experiences.

Aquarium in Bao Son Paradise Park

The Park possesses the refined and harmonized natural and artificial beauty, along with sophisticated combination between ancient and contemporary architecture. The fresh atmosphere will trigger phenomenal refreshment and cheers.

The water park capable of serving thousands of guests 

Centered at the sprawling water park is the adults and kids’ pool area with high speed water slides and tubes, and some are tailored for children in kid’s area. Playing in the blue crystal water is a must try activity during summertime.

Keeping in mind that safety for visitors in the water park is the top concern, especially during summertime, hundreds of selected lifeguards with high competency are recruited every year with priority on sports school graduates.

The only Safari complex in Hanoi
Boat trip around the Safari while watching wildlife is a must try activity at Bao Son Paradise Park

A massive and ambitious update has been recently made this year. In the early 2019, the Dream Land studio with marvelous replicas of iconic landmarks and monuments was brought into operation. The studio is divided into five main zones i.e. Taj Mahal (India), Fountains and Garden by the Bay (Singapore), Beuvron Village (France), Hobbiton Village (New Zealand) and the Treehouse (Mexico).

Taj Mahal in Dream Land studio, launched in the early 2019
The newly opened Hobbit Restaurant expected to offer Vietnamese special cuisines

Entertainment complex with thrilling games and rides

There are currently 21 games and rides for both adults and kids, including a number of first-ever thrilling games in Vietnam such as Water coaster, Zipline etc.

Other two novel games expected to be completed this year include the Family Boomerang Rebound and the Flying Theater, which are planned to launch in September and bring about memorable and extreme impression.

The Midi Explorer– one of the most thrilling favorites at Bao Son Paradise Park
The Scary Drop, a novel adrenaline rush

Outstanding frequent festivals at Bao Son Paradise Park

To create a multifunctional leisure and recreational space, the Park frequently holds various themed cultural festivals, art shows, and street carnivals, which generate a fresh, vibrant, colorful and contemporary climate. Among other things are Latino Festival, Hawaii Party, Pirates Festival, Water Gun Festival, Light Music Festival, and Indian Festival. With the Aladdin World theme for summer 2019, the Park has become more animated than ever with the Carnival street ride and Aladdin and the Magic Lamp circus show at the Persian castle stage.

Aladdin World Festival – Aladdin circus musical show at the castle stage in the summer 2019
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp carnival show during the Aladdin World Festival

Bao Son Paradise Park – where traditional beauty is preserved

With its core value to reproduce and honor Vietnamese culture, Bao Son Paradise Park is both a multifunctional recreational complex and home to traditional and cultural beauty of the country with iconic tours and experiences at the Old Quarter, traditional handicraft villages, and traditional art shows.

The Old Quarter reproducing nostalgic ancient architecture and traditional culture

The tourists will be observing amazing fabrication and production of well-known traditional handicraft  villages such as silk production of Van Phuc Village, gems arts of Luc Yen Village, Dong Ho paintings, Chuong Village conical hats, silver villages, and sculptures of Son Dong Village, and more.

The water puppet tradition vividly replicated in the Water temple – Traditional Handicraft Village stage of Bao Son Paradise Park

In addition to recreational and cultural facilities, Bao Son Paradise Park is a perfect and massive event location for corporate birthday parties, opening ceremonies, and gratitude parties, etc. with a large capacity multifunctional hall.

The Hall with large capacity up to thousands of participants

Bao Son Paradise Park is invested, developed and managed by the Bao Son Group, aiming to become:

• A must-come destination for domestic and foreign visitors who wish to discover and explore Vietnamese culture and tradition in Hanoi.

• A multifunctional recreational location with cutting-edge technology.

• A top location for massive national cultural, economic and political events.

• The key business and iconic brand of the Bao Son Group.

With its developing ambition and strategic vision centering its core characteristics, Bao Son Paradise Park is integrated with momentous and influential values, for instance:

• Cultural value: Replicating and honoring Vietnamese culture.

• Humanity value: Balancing potential social demands of human.

• Educational value: Becoming a lively ongoing source of cultural and social knowledge for Vietnamese youth.

• Social value: Generating jobs for local labors, contributing to the local and national economy and become a balancer for the tourism, service and resources for the entire neighborhood.

• Recreational value: Fulfilling the growing demand of entertainment for both domestic and foreign visitors.

• Technological value: Applying world advanced technologies in cultural and recreational activities, adding value to people’s lives.

• Investing value: Enabling attractive investment opportunities for domestic and international enterprises.