(HBO) – The peaceful and charming beauty with the green riverside lawns growing all year round, being surrounded by hills and mountains has created a poetic and charming scene. Recently, the banks of Boi River have become an attractive camping spot for many young people in the province and many families in neighboring localities, when there is a need to find a fresh, cool and peaceful entertaining place with nature ensuring safety against Covid-19 epidemics.

There are three favorite camping and check-in spots in the section flowing through Kim Boi district along the banks of Boi river, which have been selected for picnics, camping and festivals. They include the sections through Na Bo village, Sao Bay commune, Nam Ha village, Nam Thuong commune and Go Che village, Kim Lap commune. In these river sections, they share the common characteristics of the wide riverbanks, green lawns, and it is flat enough to organize the entertaining activities.

To verify the “rumor”, following the “tour guides”, who are the young people living nearby, I was present at the bank of Boi river, the section through Nam Ha hamlet, Nam Thuong commune. This location is not far from 12B road, close to Nam Ha residential area. The choice of the day was not a holiday or weekends, so it was not too crowded, there were mainly anglers choosing a quiet space to drop their rods looking for the elegant pleasure. According to Bui Kim Anh from Kim Boi commune (Kim Boi), the riverbank is spacious, and it has the green lawns, so many people like coming there. Most of them are the young people looking for a weekend picnic or the families in Hoa Binh, Hanoi, and Ha Nam looking for the open space for weekend entertainment for their children and themlves. Usually, they bring mini gas stoves, coal stoves or looking for firewood for cooking and baking together. Most of the camping spots are near the market. For instance, the point in Nam Ha village is near Bai Xe market, Nam Thuong commune, or thye one in Go Che village is also not too far from Bo market, Bo town, so it is posible to stop by the market buying food and drinks for processing on the way there.

Ms. Hong Nhung (Hanoi City) said: “The specialty” when coming to this section of the river is that the whole family can set up tables and chairs to admire the scenery. The space here is very beautiful, the trees are green, the hills are undulating, the water is clear and shallow because it is the upstream and it flows slightly and gentenly. There are many rocks and large gravel in the river, so parents can bring plastic boots and shoes so that their children won’t hurt their feet when wading in the river.

In addition to being an ideal camping spot, Boi River has become a check-in point for many young people all year round. Born in the land of Muong Dong, Bui Thi Hong Hanh from Kim Boi commune said: Boi River has a different beauty in each season. There is a time when the rice fields and cornfields turn green. The people are working on the fields, laughing and talking. In winter, due to the little rain, the river water dries up almost to the bottom revealing the large pebble beaches in the middle of the river, and if anyone likes it, they can still walk there to take pictures.

However, there is one thing worth mentioning, many tourists carelessly litter on the river bed or leave garbage on the bank after each picnic, which has been creating an unsightly scene. Despite being warned by the local people, this phenomenon still recurs. Hopefully, each person coming there will raise the awareness of bringing back trash, cleaning up after each trip to join hands protecting the environment. At the same time, it helps keep the banks of Boi River green forever, helping those who come there later have a clean, beautiful, cool and relaxing place after tiring working days.

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