Located in Thach Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang Province, about 150 km away from Hanoi capital, Dong Cao plateau (Cao Nguyên Đồng Cao) is at the high altitude of nearly 1,000 metres above the sea level. This attracts visitors for its huge forest, strange shaped ancient rock and the moment of contemplate sunrise which flies through these foggy clouds floating over the mountains. Indeed, its wildness and purity makes Dong Cao plateau become an excellent campground for adventurous travellers.

From Hanoi, by private transportation, you can go along 1A highway to reach Bac Giang. However, riding a motorbike will be an interesting experience because you can feel this winding path. You can go there in any season, however, the best time is June and July, you will be lured by red paths with ripe litchi.

Dong Cao plateau is best suitable for camping picnic trips. Many young travellers come here and find a flat land in the plateau to camp. They can light a campfire and prepare meals by themselves.

In the evening, they can contemplate bright stars in the night sky, chat together and enjoy a fresh atmosphere. Sleeping overnight in a tent on Dong Cao plateau will be an amazing experience. In the peaceful and quiet area, you can feel the cool and fresh air, hear the howls of the wind and the sound of insects and watch the splendid sky of bright stars and moon. You will absolutely feel refreshed. Wind blows over your hair. Insects sing their own songs. The sound of the night always makes people feel peaceful and miraculous.

Camping in the Dong Cao plateau, you should not miss the experience of waking up early when misty and foggy clouds cover the plateau. You have to find out the way by the light of your flash to wait for the beautiful dawn. Sitting on a stone and watching the sun gradually coming out in the very wonderful natural scenery is a very interesting moment. Many paparazzi and adventurous travellers come here to snap a shot of sunrise and sunset over the horizon.

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