Though not officially a street, Hanoi Train Street has attracted huge attention from youngsters both locally and internationally. Hanging out with friends, having a coffee sip while people-watching, and posing for some vintage-styled photos along the railway are just something that are popularly done at this unusual tourist place.

Where is Hanoi Train Street

Hanoi Train Street  is the name given to the intersection of Phung Hung and Tran Phu Street, just 10 minutes walk fro, Hoan Kiem lake.

Why is Hanoi Train Street special?

Constructed in 1902 during the French colonial period, Hanoi Train Street is regarded as a witness of history. The railroad track mostly takes up the whole street, leaving only small pavements on both sides that appeal to curious visitors to linger in the area and selfie with the slowly-running trains a few times per day.

What’s more, the run-down residential area brims with cafes, casual restaurants serving tourists all day long. It’s easy to catch a scene of local people chatting together or even cooking just outside their door and children playing around the tracks.


Life on the line is extremely dangerous, especially when more and more crowds of tourists flocking there for a photo hunt. Therefore, Hanoi Train Street was permanently shut down in 2019 and only some coffee shops are still open. However, those railway cafes actually violate safety regulations, so make sure you to take precaution as you arrive.

Useful Information

  • Location: Tran Phu, Hanoi
  • Best for: Youngsters
  • Entrance: N/A
  • Hours: Open all day
  • Distance to city center: 0.5km (0.3 mi)
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