These are popular festivals in the country and the world, which are the most interested by many people in Lim small town, Tien Du, Bac Ninh in mid January every year.

Lim Festival is an unique cultural – artistic activity of long-standing culture in Northern Areas and love duet has become the common cultural property of the Vietnamese culture which is typically characterized for the lyrical folk song of the North. Lim Festival is the festival of the pagodas in Lim Village and two banks of the Tieu Tuong river. Lim festival is divided into two parts.

The ceremony: form of picking up, worship the royal priest of the village, the name of the female mandarin of the hometown at Co Lung Temple, Hong Van Tomb, Tomb of Prince Do Nguyen Thuy, In the temple of Nguyen, Do in the Ca Temple, for worshipping the Buddhist,  Mrs. A in Hong An Pagoda.

Festival: there are many folk games like fighting, wrestling, chess, swing, weaving contest, cooking. Most typical is the singing in the festival – the most fundamental characteristic of Lim festival. From songs for mời trầu (inviting betel), hát gọi đò (singing to order boat) to con sáo sang sông (bird crossing the river), con nhện giăng mùng (spider spinning webs). Singing contest was held approximately soon time organized as per the form of yacht for love duet.

·      Address: Lim Small town, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province.

·      Date of festival: from 11th to 14th day of January (lunar). The main day of the festival is 13th day January.

·      Main form: singing the love duet.