Location: Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province on Tay Thien Mountain, which belongs to the Tam Dao Mountain Range.
Characteristics: Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery is considered to be one of the most impressive and peaceful monasteries in Viet Nam.

Built in 2005 on the ruins of an ancient pagoda named Thien An, and using remains of that ancient pagoda’s floor, Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery sits majestically on the apex of the mountain, where from below the red tips of its tile-covered roof can be seen peaking through the pine trees.

Truc Lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery was officially inaugurated on November 27, 2005. It is very ornate, from carved pictures on the doors to embossed works on the wall, ceiling, and pillars, every detail was considered.

In addition to the monastery, there are supporting buildings constructed in the ancient architectural style that house a library, a museum, a meditation house for monks and the Tam To Truc Lam Temple.

Walking around the buildings, you can almost taste the tranquility and calm in the air. Truc Lam Zen Monastery along with Tam Dao Tourist Site will help create a place renowned for its scenic beauty.

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