The Xuong Giang Victory site is an outstanding relic site that preserves the material and cultural remnants of a special and turbulent historical period in Vietnamese history. It is one of famous tourist destinations in Bac Giang.

The Xuong Giang victory site formerly belonged to Dong Nhan commune (or Thanh village), Bao Loc district, Lang Giang prefecture, Kinh Bac region.

Together with many other places such as Chi Lang, Can Tram and Pho Cat, Xuong Giang became a centre of many important events in the Le Loi-led Lam Son uprising against the Ming invaders.

This place witnessed two big victories of the Lam Son insurgents, including the Xuong Giang citadel attack (September 1427) and the Chi Lang-Xuong Giang strategic battle (November 1427).

In the Chi Lang-Xuong Giang battle, the Lam Son insurgents sieged and killed nearly 70,000 enemy troops and completely destroyed the rescue plan of the Ming forces, forcing Wang Zong in Dongguan to beg for peace and withdraw troops, thus bringing independence to the Kingdom of Dai Viet.

Going through historical periods, the Xuong Giang Victory historic site in Xuong Giang ward, Bac Giang city has now been the place recording the most vivid historical event still left about the 10-year glorious uprising against the Ming invaders.

This is a vivid testament to the Vietnamese nation’s patriotic tradition and ingenious military art in fighting foreign invaders. This is also an outstanding relic site storing the material and cultural remnants of a special and turbulent historical period in Vietnamese history.

At present, the Xuong Giang Victory relic is a venue for many cultural and religious events associated with the cultural and spiritual life of the ethnic communities in Bac Giang province and many other localities.

With these values, on December 31, 2019, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 1954 on the recognition of Xuong Giang Victory site as a special national relic. Previously, in 2009, the site was recognized as a national relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Annually, the Xuong Giang Festival is held on January 6-7 with a large scale. Through the festival, the heroic historical traditions of the forefathers are aroused and promoted well among generations of descendants.

For such values, the Xuong Giang Victory relic site is also a unique and attractive cultural and historical destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.