Stretching along the S-shaped land of Vietnam, everywhere you will see familiar images with cute signs like ”Nam Dinh beef noodle soup“, “Nam Dinh Heirloom Pho”, “Pho Co Nam Dinh”, “Pho Giao Cu”… Talking about beef noodle soup, there are many places that sell it. However, most tourists choose to go to pho shops. Because the esoteric method to create a delicious beef noodle soup lies in the preparation of the broth, noodles and beef, plus some other spices, the beef noodle soup in Nam Dinh always has a special flavor. In order to make a delicious bowl of Nam Dinh beef noodle soup, of course we can’t ignore the noodle soup. Pho Nam Dinh It has quite small and soft fibers, looks very smooth and supple, not dry or hot like in other pho restaurants. Because in order to make delicious pho, one must choose from seasonal rice, or rice from the previous crop. To remove all the plastic, it will then be crushed with a stone mill. It is the method of making Pho by hand that produces a smooth, supple white dough.

Of course, a bowl of delicious beef noodle soup cannot be complete without the broth and this is an extremely important step and also an esoteric method of pho makers. The sweeter and clearer the pho broth, the more delicious the bowl of pho. And beef to make pho must choose the meat taken from mature cows and the broth is good or not is a new way to get the bones to make a sweet broth of marrow, sweet, pure, not sweet. noodles or seasoning… To have a clear broth, the bones that are boiled for the first time will be taken out and washed. Then boil the water for the second time and make the broth. So the broth stays clear without being scum. In particular, the sweeter and clearer the pho broth, the better the bowl of Nam Dinh beef noodle soup. One thing to keep in mind is to add a little salt to the pho broth. Because if you add too much salt, the noodle soup will be acrid and the water mixed in the broth must be a delicious fish sauce to keep the clarity of the pho broth.