Nam Dinh has long been famous not only for the sacred Tran Temple, the Vieng market for good luck, the Phu Day festival… but also unique by the heirloom Giao Thuy spring rolls, with the main ingredients being hearing made from rice grains. most delicious. The people of Giao Thuy are often proud of the famous specialty of their hometown because this is a rustic gift prepared by the people in the village, then passed on to each other, then became a strange delicacy for King Tran in the past. great occasions. Since then, this dish has spread far and become a famous delicacy. Giao Thuy is a small district in Nam Dinh province, coming to Giao Thuy, visitors will be transported to a rural countryside with distinct characteristics of the land near the sea. Spring rolls Giao Thuy famous near and far by elaborate processing. Immediately after the operation, the fresh meat will be processed immediately, do not put it on the ground or wash it with cold water, it will make the dish lose its delicious plasticity.

After filtering the skin and lean separately, the lean meat is boiled until or slightly pale, then sliced ​​large, along the grain but very thin, and then gradually softened with the knife. As for the skin, it is shaved off with hot water, boiled, then thinly sliced, finely chopped so that it is long, white and even. After mixing all the ingredients together, bring the package back into the fig leaves. In addition, the dish Giao Thuy spring rolls It is also classified as one of the unique products of the wet rice civilization, because the main raw material for processing is pork skin mixed with rice ear, which is made from rice grains with many different stages, in harmony. with other spices. The first impression when seeing Giao Thuy spring rolls, it is a tightly grasped round block, undulating with an ivory yellow color, with a greasy aroma. The name “nem grip” is similar to the way it is made, you must grasp the mixture into a round, tight block and the way to eat is also to hold small pieces with vegetables to fit your mouth.

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